Discover more about GLM.dating - a dedicated dating platform for lesbians. Learn more about features, privacy measures, and everything that makes GLM.dating the go-to place for lesbian dating experiences.

  1. Why GLM.dating?

    Our app is dedicated exclusively to the lesbian community, which creates a safe space and minimizes the risk of misunderstandings. We are aware that the lesbian community often experiences contact with couples or men on traditional dating platforms. With us, such situations will not be accepted, as we are committed to creating an exclusively lesbian environment. Couples or men are invited to use platforms such as Tinder.com

  2. Is the GLM.dating app safe?

    Our priority is to eliminate fake accounts and profiles that do not comply with our guidelines. Your profile will only be visible to registered users, promoting honest and secure usage within our community.

  3. What information does the profile contain?

    • You can add up to 6 photos and arrange their order. The first photo will be visible as your profile picture, serving as the main image.
    • Location (you can provide any location according to your preferences. It could be a city, neighborhood, or province).
    • Age - we don't display the full date of birth; we only provide your current age.
    • Geolocation information is not publicly displayed. We only share approximate distance between users in kilometers.
    • Description - here you can enter any text, but please remember to maintain your privacy. Do not share personal or sensitive information. Also, use censor-friendly and respectful language in your description.